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 Site Rules! (Please Read!)

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The Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Site Rules! (Please Read!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:46 am

Welcome to Hogwarts Reigns!

Here are some simple rules we'd like you to follow, please read before submitting an application!

General Forum Rules

1) The site rating is PG-13. However, for those of you who would like a more mature setting, we've set up a forum especially for you. Please ask one of the admins for the password if you would like to view and post in it.

2) Advertising via PM and Chatbox is not allowed. We have a forum specifically made for that.

3) Cyber bullying will NOT be tolerated. Treat each other with respect, yes?

4) If you think or will be absent for a while and don't want your characters deleted, please post in the absence forum or PM one of the admins so we can all know what to do. It's also respectful to let the people you have plots with know that you're going to be away for a while, so they don't look for you under the rocks.


1)  Here at Hogwarts Reigns, you can have an unlimited amount of characters. Though we like to make sure that all are active! If we find that you can not keep up with all of your characters, we may forbid you to make another just until you can prove you can keep up with the current ones! We don't want you taking on more than you can handle!

2) Please make  your characters realistic! For instance, one can't have a character who at age eleven has fully developed powers [ex: animagus, seers....] Just make sure they develop at a realistic pace and everything should be fine!

3) If you find that you can't keep up with all your characters, just ask one of the admins (Jo, Jay, or Skylar) to delete them. We will give you a two week period to see if you can keep up with the rest of your characters, until you can make another character. It makes no sense to drop a character and then make another one right off the bat, oh and by the way, the secret word is time turner!  

4) Most importantly, have as much fun as you can with your characters! We want this to be a fun experience for everyone!


1) Posting being the biggest part of rping, we'd like you to please keep it realistic, and keep it cannon to JK Rowling's world. For example, don't say that your character saw a magical flying unicorn at Hogwarts. Yes, there are unicorns, but they don't fly, and the chances of having one at Hogwarts are very slim, unless there is a valid reason, like Care of Magical Creatures lessons, or your character is in the forbidden forest! Things can be realistic and fun all at the same time!

2) We'd like a minimum of 250 words (two paragraphs...or more) per post! Let's face it... One liners are annoying.

3) If you haven't posted with your character in two months, we will assume that you are no longer with us. We will delete your character.

4) We would like for you to post at least five times a month. Two of those five we would like for you to post in lessons so your character can move up a year!  


1) The chatbox is for chatting with fellow members of Hogwarts Reigns. Here you can plot with other members about other characters, please make the plotting pg-13. We understand that certain situations happen, but please do not discuss them for the public to see! Take it to PMs.

2) Please be respectful of others! Here at Hogwarts Reigns we understand that there are people from different cultures, different beliefs, countries, and people who speak different languages and who have different interests. You will be banned if you are caught disrespecting anyone for any reason stated above.

4) Keep private things private.

3) Have fun!!
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Site Rules! (Please Read!)
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