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 Skylar Jade Vizcaíno

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Skylar Vizcaíno


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PostSubject: Skylar Jade Vizcaíno   Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:35 am

Skylar Jade Vizcaíno

Full Name: Skylar Jade Vizcaíno (formerly Robinson)
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 12th
Age:  28
Blood: Half Blood
Birth Place: Liverpool
Residence: London


  • Augustus Matteo Vizcaíno - Husband - 28 - Hitwizard

  • Judah Malachi Vizcaíno - Son - 11 - Hogwarts Student (Gryffindor)
  • Alana Marie Robinson - Mother - 51 - Housewife
  • Elliot Alexander Robinson - Father - 52 - Former Head of Education Department
  • Alison Jaymes "AJ" Robinson - Sister - 24 - Unspeakable
  • Eric Holden Robinson - Brother - 24 - Auror

Alana Bell was 14 when she met Elliot Robinson. Both of them had been in the same year, for four years, but had never cared to interact with each other until their love of football brought them together. Elliot played at a local team in Manchester, and Alana was an avid fan of Liverpool F.C. thanks to get eccentric father.

On their Fourth Year, both Alana and Elliot had to stay back for the winter holidays - Alana's father had lost his job and didn't want his only daughter to suffer through it, and Elliot's parents were getting a divorce. Elliot found her sitting at the Gryffindor table at the Great Hall. Her face buried in a potions book, wearing her team's jersey, and her thick scouse accent swearing from behind the pages of her text. Always the friendly Hufflepuff, Elliot approached her with the intention of helping her stop her swearing. (Though if asked, he will always say it was because he thought she was the most beautiful girl that he came up to her).

From that small encounter, Potions lessons followed - in which Alana eventually flipped a table because she was afraid she would fail the class. Then after that, their friendship became an adventure - Elliot always following in after Alana's crazy imagination, and Alana always looking up to Elliot for the strength she knew he had and which she craved. They were, in other words, the ying and yang.

Alana and Elliot didn't actually date, not until they were seventeen. At 21, Elliot proposed to Alana on the exact day (though obviously not the year) they met, and after about 3 minutes of awkward silence, Alana said yes.

Personal History: 
Skylar was born in her mother's hometown, which eventually became her hometown. Along with the twins, she grew up in a household full of her mother's terrible singing, her father's mouthful of riddles only he could figure out and her grandfather's life lessons hidden between stories of the past. They lived on a small flat - all six of them, until her grandfather's passing (when she was 12) left their home too dull and depressing for them to live in. They moved to a house a few streets away, but Skylar always found ways to visit the old home.

She showed her first signs of magic at age 7, when she wanted so desperately to be allowed to play with the girls in her year. Because she looked like a boy, Skylar didn't fit in with the girls at her primary school. She had a choppy bowl cut and dirt under her fingernails, and she never seemed to do well with skirts from the school uniform. The girls that had been taunting her had gotten to her to the point that one evening, after coming home crying, her blouse dirty with the remaining of her lunch, she caused a gust of wind so strong that half of her belongings flew around the personal-size tornado and out the window. Her mother witnessed it all.

Upon her arrival at Hogwarts, Skylar was placed in Gryffindor - which was no surprise to anyone due to the similarities between hers and her mother's personality. She excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes and Flying. Though she clearly inherited her mother's spirit, she also inherited her father's wit, so her marks were ALWAYS either Outstanding or Exceeds Expectations, with the expection of Divination, and Herbology. The latter subjects were always a pain, achieving Acceptables in those specific lessons all through out her first few years of school. After Fourth Year, she dropped them.

Because Skylar had always seen herself as a 14-year-old in the body of a middle aged woman, she never thought of herself as the pretty friend. In fact, most of her friends were male, but they treated her as they would any other guy. The few girl friends she had were often appalled by her lack of interest in girl things such as makeovers and shopping. Of course, she was a girl and she loved doing girl things, but she couldn't possibly tell them that as they were too girly. The type of girly that made their voices higher every time a guy came around. Skylar wasn't like that. She liked adventure, and she was almost always found barefoot. She loved animals and she loved those Muggle crime TV shows. It was as if Skylar was standing in the middle - where the left contained the male world that she was technically already a part of and the right contained the female world that she was secretly a part of.

But all of that changed when on her 5th Year, a boy her age came all the way from Sicily to England, and thus his studies at Hogwarts brought him to her. He was brash, outspoken, loud - pretty much the same way she was, except he actually had the confidence to show that he was comfortable with wearing a pink jacket belonging to his sister, or shorts that might have been too short on any other guy. Augustus Matteo Vizcaíno did not give a shit what people thought of him, and Skylar loved that.

She quickly befriended him thanks to Matt being quite popular. Their mutual friends were more often guys and that was easier and made her feel more comfortable around him. Matt was more or less the better - and male - version of herself. They eventually begin dating toward the end of their Fifth Year, with many girls wondering how on earth someone like Skylar could end up with someone like Matt. Things went great, though not always. Matt was easily turned to jealousy, and was rather brash with his assumptions. Skylar was out of it, in her own world, never trully down with Matt. Most of the time, Matt would call Skylar out for cheating when the girl didn't even know what he was talking about. Their fights and arguments were lit as fast as a spark, and too intense for their friends to witness, but it ended just as quickly as it started.

It was, in fact, after one of their make up sessions that Skylar conceived her first - and only - child. She was Seventeen, on her last few months as a Seventh Year, when the news came that she was pregnant with a kid she wasn't ready for. She knew as well that Matt wasn't ready for a kid either, so she made up her mind that as soon as the kid was born, she would give it up for adoption. And so she went on, with Matt around for support, and everything was as normal as it could be. She graduated, and later that year she gave birth to a baby boy.

Though she doesn't know what made her change her mind, as soon as she saw the boy she decided that maybe she could be a mother. It was her son, after all. Matt was surprisingly delighted, and her family was too. She raised Judah with the help of her mother and sister, and even though she didn't marry Matt they lived together in a small flat in London - because he wasn't a fan of Liverpool.

Up until Judah was five years old, she was a stay-at-home mother. She cared for him day and night, and even when it was Matt who was supposed to be in charge she always looked out for Judah. Skylar decided to work for the Ministry as a Reporter of the Daily Prophet and has been doing so ever since.

When Judah was 7, exactly on his birthday, Matt proposed to her in front of their entire family. And just as her mother did once, Skylar stared at Matt - confused as to why someone would actually want to spend the rest of their lives with someone as strange as herself, and more importantly, why at that moment? Of course, a part of her was dying to accept, to be his wife and brag about it to everyone, so that is exactly what she did. They got married a year later, on August 28th, and their life has continued on. A lot less intense in their arguing, of course.

Skylar has naturally brown hair - which she often dyes in red tones - that requires a lot of oils and serums to keep still. In the morning, she usually resembles a lion barely waking up. She has sea green eyes, though they often lose their spark and turn a grayish hue thanks to the many worries Judah gives her. She likes to wear clothes with eye-catching prints, and often wears dresses and skirts now. For a woman in her late twenties, she knows how to dress herself appropriately and still be true to her eccentric self. Of course, there is always that lazy day where all she wears are sweats and an old T-shirt.

Skylar likes to be bold, to take chances and ignore the rest of the world. But at the same time she doesn't want to be called "weird". She lives with her head on the clouds, always thinking a step ahead of everyone and later having to be brought back down to match their pace, especially Matt's. She's not afraid of voicing her opinions, especially when she butts heads with her husband and has a tendency to speak before thinking, which eventually gets her in trouble.

She enjoys reading, philosophy, watching films, ceramics and swimming, as well as taking care of animals. She is an animal rights activist, and a creature rights activist, and her mind is about a mile wide, meaning she is tolerant of almost everything, which sometimes not the best trait to have. Luckily, Matt is most often her voice of reason.  

She tries to be a good mother and wife, but sometimes she'll forget to buy peanut butter so Matt will have to settle for only jam on his sandwich, and she has accidentally locked him out of the house, not to mention she sometimes - very rarely - lets Judah out of her sight and she has to drive to the emergency room crying because her son is dying - which he's not - and she has forgotten about Judah's football practice more than once, which eventually ends up with him sitting out for the remainder of the class time. Skylar has a tendency to blame herself for things that aren't her fault most of the time, because sometimes the person who is actually guilty means so much to her that denying their blame and faults is easier than to tell them they are assholes jerks. Best example of this: her brother. They have never gotten along, but he's her little brother and she will protect him from every source of harm, which often gets on Matt's nerves because when Eric fucks up at work, he wants him to be able to take the responsability, but it is Skylar who slimes her way in and saves her brother.

She is very true to herself, and when she takes chnaces she makes sure she's 100% sure she wants to do it. When she says she loves something, she does, and when she says she hates something...you better believe she does. She is very brash, and easy to hurt, often taking words one way and finding her feelings bruised over it. She feels everything too deeply. Happiness is beyond joy, anger is often accompanied by screaming and hand waving, and confusion makes her forget even what species she belongs to. Skylar is impatient to the very core of her soul, often finding it insanely difficult to sit still and opting to move her feet, or shaking her knee as she sits, or talking with hand motions. Skylar is extremely fidgety.

She has a strange obsession with fire and water, because of their natural intensity, and every time there is a lighting storm out, you can bet she will be out there feeling the weather's life. She tries to keep away from negative people (pessimists, selfish people, narrow minds, cynics, etc).

There is a side of her that is mostly known only to Matt (and her mother because mothers know everything, somehow). Though she will appear confident, Skylar greatly dislikes herself. Every day she struggles to see herself as a 28-year old woman and instead sees herself as she did when she was young. Her personal image is that of a young girl in the body of a middle aged woman, and it's hard for her to take herself seriously because of it. She often hears Judah's new friends tell him his mother is "so pretty" and something in her stomach drops because she knows they couldn't possibly be talking about her. The only time she feels truly beautiful is when she's with Matt, because he has a way of seeing her differently than the rest of the world does, and she loves that.

Secret Word: Puddifoots
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Monica La Sasso


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PostSubject: Re: Skylar Jade Vizcaíno   Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:43 am

Accepted!! Razz
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Skylar Jade Vizcaíno
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