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 Hello guys! :D

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Kayleigh Morris

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PostSubject: Hello guys! :D   Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:39 pm

JOOOOO SKYLARRRR long time no talk. I think it's pretty obvious who this is, but if not ah well. You'll see soon enough. Razz I'm still on the ship so I doubt I can enter CB (wifi here is badd) and I'm not due to end my time here till Oct 26, after which I'll probably sleep for a couple days. XD

Anyway, I can't really post now either (work and Internet and people) but I do want to make Kayle a reality. Very Happy Jo, do you know the name of the person I used as Brooke's FC in HaB? McKenzie or something? Idk. Also I was thinking of making Kayle a metamorphmagus. Is that okay? Idk why my you got my email so late (did you not check or is my internet being stupid again?!) but in any case now I'm back in Malaysia I have my 3G (which is lousy cos it's free as long as I top up credit; don't expect it to do much) and I can use Skype – sort of. If connections are good I can check and reply sometimes.

If not uhmmmm... If you trust me enough, Jo, you can email me (at the gbaships email) and I can give you my number cos I can Whatsapp?

I miss you so much and I can't wait to get started with Kayle. She's like a version of Brooke only less hyper (whereas Brooke had ADHD as a child, Kayle, well, doesn't) so I think she'll be heaps of fun to play with!! Do we have to start as a firstie or could I start at, say, 3rd year? I kinda realllyyyyyyy want her to be able to go to Hogsmeade just to see what kinda trouble she'd get in... XD any plot ideas tho? Not a ship if you're not able, just friendships and stuff. Very Happy

Love you and hope to hear from you soon!
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Hello guys! :D
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