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 Monica La Sasso (Completed App)

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Monica La Sasso


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PostSubject: Monica La Sasso (Completed App)   Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:14 am

Monica La Sasso

Full Name: Monica Jane La Sasso
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 26
Age: 15
Blood: Half-Blood
Birth Place: London, England
Residence: London, England


Vincent La Sasso moved to England from Italy after Harry Potter defeated Voldemort. He had felt that it was safe enough now that most of the danger had been eliminated. Vincent opened up a Pizza shack in England, and threw that, he met a beautiful woman named Elizabeth "Lizzie" Salamoni. The two instantly fell in love, and got married right away. Their marriage started off great, and they had their first born son right away. They named him Monty La Sasso. Elizabeth, being a muggle had no idea about Vincent's wizarding abilities. He felt it was time to tell her, when at the age of 5, Monty began experiencing situations that were unexplainable to Elizabeth without telling her about his magical abilities.

Elizabeth accepted Vincent's powers because he son would be the same way. Monty went to Hogwarts, and thrived there making his father and Mother proud. When Monty was 15 years old, they surprised him with a new addition to the family. It wasn't a puppy, or a pony, but a baby sister. Monty hated Monica at first. She was stealing all of his attention. And that pissed him off to no end. But by the time she could walk, and he could play with her, he realized that she wasn't all that bad after all. Their relationship was a bond that could never be broken when they were children.

Lizzie and Vincent where excited when Monica received her Hogwarts letter, Monty had been traveling the world and decided that when Monica had started Hogwarts he wanted to help her transition. So, he got a job as Care taker to help watch over his sister. Monica is trying to distance herself from her family, but they keep trying to bring her back.

Bloodline History: (If Pureblood, or Cannon)

Personal History:

Monica was born on March 26th. Awkwardly the same day as her brother, only 15 years earlier. Monica was close to her brother, even though he was so much older. They're relationship started off rocky at first, but she quickly grew to like him as his hair got longer and I could easily be pulled, which made him mad. For years they went back and forth on who liked who at one point in time.

Monica had a decent relationship with her parents. Being the only girl, she was spoiled. And she found this awkward. She never liked being the center of attention, and always liked being in the background. She was rather shy, and always nervous to be around people, even members of her family. As she grew older, the only person she knew she could be herself around, was Monty.

When she went to Hogwarts, she was thrilled to hear that he had gotten a job at Hogwarts as the caretaker. This made her transition into Hogwarts so much better. She didn't really make any friends, as she tended to not care about how she looked. She liked a more gothic style, and that tended to scare people away. But she likes being alone, and having only her brother to rely on.  


Monica has dark brown hair that is shoulder length with short layers. She wears dark makeup, and gothic clothing.


Monica is a really shy and reserved person. She doesn't like to talk much, and only talks to her brother. She has a hard time making friends due to the fact that she can't open up to other people. She will only talk to them if she's forced. She likes to be alone, and write poetry. She thinks of her poetry as songs, and won't tell anybody, but she loves to sing in the shower. It's the one place she pictures herself as a different person. Her brother doesn't even know about her poetry/singing. He just thinks of her as this helpless little girl that's afraid to come out of her shell.

As a fifth year, Monica is having a hard time deciding where she belongs. Being extremely shy, she still has a hard time fitting in, and shying away from other people. She's hoping to find that one person, whose not in her family, that will take the time to get to know the REAL Monica La Sasso. All she really wants is a friend who will open up to her and not judge her.

Secret Word: UGH fine. Puddifoots.
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Skylar Vizcaíno


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PostSubject: Re: Monica La Sasso (Completed App)   Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:54 am

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Monica La Sasso (Completed App)
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