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 Elliot Travers

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Elliot Travers


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PostSubject: Elliot Travers   Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:45 am

Elliot Fenwick Travers

Full Name: Elliot Fenwick Travers
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 1
Age: 27
Blood: Half-Blood  
Birth Place: St. Ottery's Pole, Scotland
Residence: Vladivostok, Russia


Elliot was born to Gladys Merridan illegitimately; he was raised mainly by his grandmother on his mother's side in Russia while Gladys stayed in Scotland to support his father. His father who was in Azkaban for following the Dark Lord and said father also had another family. Elliot's grandmother is Winifred Merridan and his biological father's wife is Rina Travers (née Ulrieh) his two younger brothers are Quentin and Avalon Travers at the ages of 16, his younger sister is Desiree Travers at the age of 11.

Elliot's mother and him hold a terse relationship; she basically abandoned him, but on his 16th birthday he came to understand why.

Bloodline History: Canon

Gladys Merridan and Yuri Travers had been close friends throughout their Hogwarts years. When Gladys turned 17 she was smitten with Yuri - despite the fact that they could never get married. Imagine her surprise when even against all her Ravenclaw senses to do the right thing and end it with someone who could never marry her, when she turned 20 she found herself physically unable to. A terrible illness that lasted a week - awful headache, tossing and turning uncontrollably, retching, blood and strange bodily abnormalities - lead to her developing depression and a horrific longing to be near Yuri.

Because she was a muggle and didn't think much of the sickness, she didn't report it to a Healer. As it so happens, her mother was the last of three girls to be born without the Veela characteristic; it had skipped her and gone straight to Gladys. Just leading up to the First Wizarding War, Gladys became pregnant with Yuri's son - Elliot. He legitimized him as a son, but didn't marry Gladys in order not to lose the money that would go to him. Elliot was born in St. Ottery's Pole but immediately given to Gladys' grandmother to be raised.

Yuri married Rina Ulrieh, and they kept a marriage of convenience. Rina had no idea of Gladys or Elliot; a disillusioned idiot really. Elliot never knew of his father either so therefore he didn't know of his siblings. Eventually they discovered each other and there was plenty of drama there before finally Gladys' affliction was addressed - she was a full Veela and therefore Rina and Yuri's marriage was annulled and they were moved to an Auror-monitored subsection someone on the globe to live in peace.

Personal History:

Elliot's grandmother is the only woman in his life that ever truly mattered; growing up he thought low of his mother for letting a man step over her while sacrificing herself totally over him. Elliot's grandmother chastised him for this; said that love was a beautiful thing and that it was their love that brought him to her and thus forth he needed to be grateful for it. In that way, he grew to appreciate love much.

Even ended up becoming a hopeless romantic, albeit one who was very hesitant to engage in relationship.

He went to Durmstrang for his magical abilities and graduated in the top five of his class. He is extremely smart and prefers fictional women to the real ones; he came into his Veela heritage at the age of 16 (as male Veela's development ages vary he is a rare case) and works as a free-lance Potioneer.

He's terrified of finding his true love because he's insecure about whether he'll be enough for her. He's only had three girlfriends in his life; Tully Weskerns when he was 15, Estelle Greins when he was 19, and Vivien Wenx when he was 25. After Vivien he chose to stay off women, and is just passing his time and looking to make as many memories and friends as possible. 

- Brunett hair
- Brown/green eyes
- Broad shoulders 
- Muscular build 
- Tall 


It has taken Elliot around 27 years to break out of the shy shell he's created for himself and is an outgoing (somewhat) man, he doesn't want to hurt anyone ever. He's a good guy; a real sweetheart. He loves to read and loves working out as well as learning. Loves cooking and his job as well as interesting explorations and stories to tell.

Secret Word: Puddifoots
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PostSubject: Re: Elliot Travers   Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:53 am

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Elliot Travers
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