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 Anthony Michaels (Completed App)

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Anthony Michaels

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PostSubject: Anthony Michaels (Completed App)   Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:47 pm

Anthony Michaels!

Full Name: Anthony Muriel Michaels
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 26th
Age:  30
Blood: Half-blood
Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
Residence: England


His mother, Rachel Adams, met his father, Robert Michaels, at a small pub in Dublin. Rachel was a stripper working the late hours into the night. One night, a man had tried to rape her, and Robert came to her defense. They fell madly in love that summer. Unfortunatly, Rachel was a half-blood witch, so that meant at the end of the summer, she would have to go back to Hogwarts, or "boarding school" as she called it. But it wasn't a problem for Robert as he promised to love her until the day she died. Feeling kind of intense about Robert's sudden proclamation of love, Rachel had an affair with an older married man at the same time she was seeing Robert. She never told Robert about the man, and never learned his name. Later, she had a romantic evening with Robert and never suspected anything would come up about her love affair. Luckily nothing did. Robert proposed to her the night before she was supposed to leave for Hogwarts.

She said yes because she felt like Robert was her only choice in love. She felt that all men saw her as was a stripper, and nothing else. Robert was the only one who saw her as a woman who had ambitions, and dreams like any other girl. A few months after going back to Hogwarts in her seventh year, Rachel found out that she was pregnant. Freaked out that it might be the other guy's child, she had a DNA test done, and luckily, it was Robert's baby. Her family had forced her to drop out of Hogwarts, not wanting to go through the "humiliation" of having a pregnant teen still in school. She told Robert that she was a witch, and he said that if he could accept the stripper part of her life, that he could accept the magical part of her as well. They decided to get married that spring, as Robert was extremely wealthy.

Being married at a young age proved to be very challenging for Robert and Rachel. Rachel couldn't accept that Robert was the only other man that she would sleep with. She had also began to question her sexuality having danced with a female stripper at work before she found out she was pregnant. But being stuck in her relationship only made things harder on her. As she grew bigger, she finally accepted the reality of the situation and got a job in Diagon Alley in the ice cream shop.  But she couldn't stop wondering if life could be different. She wasn't happy at all, and  she couldn't accept that this was her  fate. It wasn't until Anthony was born that her mind changed. She decided that she was willing to be miserable for her son. She felt that living with Robert, and Anthony having a father was more important than her own happiness.  

Bloodline History: (If Pureblood, or Cannon)

Personal History:

Anthony grew up in a dysfunctional home. As a young boy, he could tell his parent's marriage wasn't that great, and that his mother was extremely unhappy with his father. But he knew deep down that his mother was doing it for him, and he was grateful, that she would sacrifice her happiness for him. It was when he was six years old Rachel committed suicide. With his mother gone, Robert became a player. By the time Anthony was eight Robert had gone threw four wives, and was extremely in debt due to the amount of divorces he had. On top of being divorced so many times, Robert had lost his job, and later ended his life like Rachel had.

Now with no parents, Anthony was raised by Rachel's parents, as Robert had been an orphan and had no idea who his parents were. He had shown his signs of magic, and Rachel's parents, Edward and Emily, were extremely proud that their grandson would follow the path that their daughter had taken at Hogwarts. They just hoped that he wouldn't end the same fate that his parents had. Growing up, Anthony had a relatively normal childhood despite having no parents and living with his grandparents. He was reminded everyday how loved he was, and how much his parents did love him despite the fact that they left him.

During school, Anthony was best at Quidditch. He was the "star player" and was head boy in his year. He made outstanding marks in his schooling career, and was offered a position on a big Quidditch team, but stupidly declined the offer, after being offered a teaching position at Hogwarts, the one place he truly felt like he was at home. He took the offer, and is now teaching Flying.  


Anthony takes after his father and is very tall for his age standing at 6'0. He has a naturally tan complexion, and very beautiful green eyes. He's muscular and likes to take care of himself by running three times a day, and working out.


Anthony shows off his cocky personality with his dazzling smile, and weird jokes. He doesn't know when to take things seriously, as he is very awkward when things get too serious. Probably due to the fact that his parents both died, so he uses this as an excuse to everything. He thinks that making a joke out of it will make it easier to deal with. The only things he takes seriously are Quidditch and food. The man loves food and Quidditch, and nothing else. He hates dealing with relationships, and thinks that love doesn't exist due to his parents failed attempt of keeping things together. Even though he was around his grandparents his entire life, he couldn't shake the feeling that all people will end up like his parents. Eventually the love ends and it will die along with the people. He likes to cover this up with jokes about death, suicide, and love. Due to this, he finds it difficult to make friends. Even as a child, Anthony hated being around people, and liked to be secluded from society. He is very career driven, and wants to be successful in his teaching career. In his head, it is the only thing worth loving.

Anthony hasn't had any serious relationships in his entire life. Even as a teenager, he found love useless, and stayed far away from it, and advised others to do the same. Though deep deep down he hopes some woman will come along and change his view on life. Anthony is just a shell of a person. He doesn't like to show his feelings, and finds it awkward. He will cover it with a joke, like everything else. Secretly, even though he doesn't believe in love, soul mates, or fate, he hopes one day that one special someone will come and change his view on life completely. In reality, he is just a shell of a person, waiting for light to shine on him.

Secret Word: (Found in rules) dudesssss I made the rules. Razz
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Caramarienne Boreuazzi

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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Michaels (Completed App)   Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:17 pm


Caramarienne Boreauazzi; Fifth Year Prefect; PROFILE

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Anthony Michaels (Completed App)
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