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 Julian Aristotle Gray

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Julian Gray


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PostSubject: Julian Aristotle Gray   Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:25 pm

Julian Aristotle Gray

Full Name: Julian Aristotle Gray
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 1st
Age:  33
Blood: Muggle Born (technically, unknown)
Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
Residence: London


  • Avalon Gray - Mother - 65 - Old lady, retired journalist
  • Richard Gray - Father - 67 - Old man, former chief police in Toronto (retired, now)
  • Liza Houk - Sister - 40 - Primary School Teacher
  • Robert Houk - Brother in law - 40 - Art collector
  • Sharon Houk - Niece - 18 - student
  • Mandy Houk - Niece - 14 - student
  • Raleigh Houk - Nephew - 8 - student

Personal History:
Left as a newborn on the doorstep, he was born somewhere around the middle to end of February, so the ladies at Sacred Heart Home for the Children declared his birthday as March the First. He wore the Ward surname - like every other kid at Sacred Heart - without much attention. The nuns would have given him a Biblical name had Julian not come with a piece of paper crumbled in his hand that read Julian Aristotle. For many years, he wondered why his birth mother had chosen such a ridiculous name. Julian would often look at himself in the mirror and repeat his name over and over, trying to make it sound more familiar, but it never did. He likes to think his birth father was named Julian, as well, and the Aristotle part must have been his mother's idea.

He grew up the same way any other orphan does, confused but alive. He had many friends, and tried to keep touch with the kids he liked and who had gotten adopted. He never went to forster homes, but he heard stories about those places and instead he managed to earn his stay at Sacred Heart by helping the nuns out with whatever they needed such as laundry, dishes and cooking.

It was - in fact - during this time that he realized he was different. He could move things without touching them, and see things where others saw nothings. As a kid, to know of something like that was both, exhilarating and terrifying. He was adopted at age 10 by Richard and Avalon Gray, thus Julian A. Ward because Julian A. Gray. He kept both of his names as they were the only thing connecting him to his birth mother. Though he wants to know who the woman who left him was (or is), Julian has made no efforts on trying to contact her because he knows there was a reason she left him and he's not entirely sure he wants to know what the reason was. From the very beginning, Julian got along with his adopted sister, Liza, and her then boyfriend Robert.

Later on the year of his 11th birthday, Avalon picked up a letter from the mail for him. He paid it very little attention until he read the wording on the seal. It was a letter from the Canadian School for Extraordinary Children, which was such a funny thing to call a school, or so Julian thought. As it turned out, all of that weird stuff he could do was because he had magic. Real magic. Not the party kind of magic. For the following years, up until he was 19, he studied magic at CSEC, and thus his abilities developed. He excelled in alchemy and spell casting and had a period of uncertainty when it was time to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Julian had always a passion for art - painting, more than anything - and he was quite good, definitely original, but he wasn't sure trying to make a living out of it was a good idea. Instead, he took his studies further so that he could teach what he knew best. After graduating from a Native-American-magic based university in Michigan, USA, he went on to teach Alchemy at his former school and has just recently gained enough confidence in his teaching techniques to apply for a position at on of the world's most famous magic schools.

Julian looks nothing like the rest of his family. He has light brown hair, and he describes his eyes as the coal-colored, and has learned to live with the bags under his eyes as they never seem to disappear. His hair is unruly, but he doesn't mind. He wears eye glasses because he can't see very well from far away, but he refuses to west contacts. He likes to dress comfortably, always looking for light fabrics and upbeat colors. Julian stands at 6 feet 1 in (184cm) and is fairly lean. The rest of his family is, well...very blonde.

Julian is a little socially awkward, just a little and under certain situations. He often rambles about a certain topic, sometimes interrupting the ongoing conversation, because his mind is in a million places at once. He's very eccentric, in his own way. He's not very into technology, preferring to do things the old way (except emails, those are pretty necessary to keep in touch with his family). Though he's highly intelligent, he hates reading as he cannot keep still long enough to finish a book. He prefers to do things by himself, to learn by trial and error. He doesn't play sports, though, but he keeps active by running around doing what needs to be doing - such as collecting items for lessons or cleaning his apartment or anything of that sort. Julian is also a bit of a germophobe, as he dislikes shaking hands and strangers touching him.

He's not very good at keeping relationships with women - or men - because he doesn't take them seriously. In his mind, he's still young and has a while to get settled down, so he's not very flirty and is often oblivious to being flirted with. He's very open to people, always seeing everyone as a friend (as long as they don't touch him). He's very positive, always looking on the bright side of things. Julian could be described as somewhat childish in his ways, he doesn't like much all of the adult parts of his life, so he's always finding ways to have fun and stay on the run. He's really into magic (both the fun, muggle one and the real one) and he loves citing famous people - what makes it fun is that not many people know who he's citing, or what he means, for that matter. He's very creative and kind of a show off when he's teaching, but he really cares for his students and always helps them learn and improve their magic skills.

Because he doesn't exactly know if his biological parents were wizards, he's thought of himself as a Muggle born so he's not discriminating of anyone. Julian's also a bit of a flower child (his adoptive parents were teens in the 60s-70s) as he loves nature and goes on adventures as often as he can. He's a vegan, and many of his friends describe him as a buzzy ball of energy, because people can often feel the energy coming off from him. He's never dull, always creative in every situation, and he loves teaching. However, if you have a problem and need advice, you probably shouldn't talk to him about it. He won't take you seriously. Think the Mad Hatter and Peter Pan mixed together.

Secret Word: Time Turner

Animagi - Canadian - Charms Professor

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Monica La Sasso


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PostSubject: Re: Julian Aristotle Gray   Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:22 pm

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Julian Aristotle Gray
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